Cake Flowers…more than just icing on the cake.

   Nothing puts the icing on the cake like flowers! Above is one example, this cake features clusters of flowers scattered around and up the cake with petals on the table for accents. These simple touches are created like boutonnieres or corsages that make any cake pop by placing them along the cake edge or even in between cake layers. From simplistic, just a few single flowers, to dramatic, flowers cascading down and around, they can make any cake as gorgeous(almost) as the bride.
Barton Collage 2
  If you do not want to remove your flowers for cake cutting or want to go green or organic you could decorate your cake with edible flowers. Some flowers are toxic(ask your florist) and all greens used (whether planning to eat or not) should be cleaned. Some examples of edible flowers are Begonia, Bee Balm, Lavender, Johnny Jump-Ups, Roses, Tulip petals, and Violets. Remember to make sure any flower you are going to use as edible decoration is truly edible, has been grown organic, and has NOT been sprayed with any chemicals.
Here is a link on edible flowers with a recipe for candied, edible flowers…

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