Garden Rose…beauty or bane?

Oh the beauty of a rose!!! There are many varieties of roses but none compare to the gorgeousness of a fully bloomed garden rose (or cabbage rose)…but sometimes that beauty comes at a price.


Lately you look at a wedding bouquet and you will more than likely see garden roses in it. They seem to be everywhere and who can blame them, they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Yet these tender beauties have a short vase life and even shorter life out of water…and boy does she not like when its hot!


Dead set on garden roses? There are 3 things you can do to have garden roses in your wedding! First, pick a wedding day that is cooler AND in a variety that is in season and hardy. Secondly, if you are set on a date when it could be warmer than 85 degrees have an indoor wedding. Third, place the garden roses in designs that are going to be able to have water at some point thru wedding day. Such as a hand tied bouquet (not completely wrapped and can be placed in a vase between use and at reception) or in vase arrangements, not in corsages or boutonnieres.


If it is not at all possible to have garden roses and you still want that look, choose a standard rose that has the shape of a garden rose. More and more standard roses are becoming available that have the look, shape, and smell of a garden rose.

Remember every variety of garden rose is unique…just like the Bride.

Interested in garden roses??? Check out Alexandra Farms, they are a fresh garden rose grower and available to most florists.


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