Look at that Line Up!

Wade Maid Bling 2 Sometimes what we plan doesn’t always happen according to plan…and sometimes that is a good thing.

We are doing another wedding with bling’d out bouquets next month and let’s just this florist had to improvise a great deal. My original dazzling delights were unavailable…bummer. This lead to having to improvise (a good florist should be able to improvise). My original selections were not available in quantities needed..read: major hunt for new pretties.

These were what I was looking for…


I dislike things not going to plan, but have learned to roll with it. Sometimes that works and I am just “okay” with the change, and sometimes it works out magnificently. This would be one those magnificent times. Below are the  gorgeous beauties that will be worn on the Bridesmaids BOUQUETS and just look at that lineup! EEK…I think they are just fabulous!

Wade Maid Bling 1

I can hardly wait to reveal what these jewels will look like with there bouquets! Until next month…


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