Oh the Sparkle is BLINDING!!!

After a brief absence (way longer than planned) I am back at it on the wedding front! {My side hobby/job is home remodeling and our farmhouse is a whopper!}

Vintage round pin M

Anyway… today I spent the day looking for just the right accent pieces for any wedding bouquet…BLING! These are just a few images of what I found today…hopefully one of these gorgeous beauties will make there way onto some bouquets this July. Totally loving the round sparkler above…but drooling over the creative curly q’s of this brass toned pendant…just ignore my thumb.

Creative brass pendant H

This pendant (above) would look beautiful combined with a brass chain draped on and around a hand tied bouquet!

Looking for something truly vintage??? Try this little number…This oval piece is about an inch and has like a mother of pearl inlay in the center, silver filigree and just a touch a sparkle!

Oval vintage 40 50 H

And for the ultimate in blinding shimmer would be these two. {The tear drop also came in a extremely beautiful cream color as well!}

crystal clear tear drop H

Round dazzler M

All of the beautiful bouquet accessories are either pendants (as you can see) or pins (as you may not see) that can make a memorable gift to your bridesmaids or you!!!

Check out my Facebook Bridal Bling album and let me know which you would use in your bouquet!!!


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