Isn’t it

Planning your wedding can be a wonderful time…as well as stressful. Luckily for us we have so many ways now to “plan” a wedding with the internet.Garden Rose Boutonniere

First you had magazines, then search engines, and now Pinterest! I love Pinterest but have you ever heard of or weddinggawker? These 2 websites are similar to Pinterest yet have a distinct advantage over it. They cater strictly to weddings and all the trousseau that comes with it.

On you can browse, plan, and shop. You cannot “Pin” anything to it. The content is already there, you can “heart” it (same as “liking”), Bundle it (pinning to board), or share it (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest). Its site is soft, dreamy and clean.  My favorite feature…sorting by color! I love this, you pick your color and it brings every image in that color. Say you are thinking about a peach colored wedding, click that color and a gorgeous array of options pop up. Everything you see is submitted by vendors…and some of there work is mind blowing!

Weddinggawker….just as unique, just as beautiful! While Pinterest is images submitted by the user and by vendors, Weddinggawker is submitted by bloggers (pictures carefully chosen for quality and most stunning). There About page has wonderful instructions on how to use! One note clicking the page will bring up the source article…perfect if you want to see all the glorious things that go with it!

Each have there pro’s and con’s (different people, different view points) – My favorite part about is the option to pick your color and have anything in that shade delivered to your screen. And I love on Weddinggawker that you click the picture and it takes you to the blog with all its gorgeous info…and images! Both let you pin to Pinterest (if you so wish), which can make your wedding planning a whole lot easier!

Which one is your favorite wedding planning tool; Pinterest,, or Weddinggawker?


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