Labor of Love

A Labor of Love…that is what I do every year. Some people may think it is silly, but every year I make a special arrangement…for my grandmother. She has supported me all my life. I know she enjoyed getting my class arrangements. Every Thursday for 2 semesters I would parade her arrangement through the store where she worked to the break room. Every one ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at my latest creation. Even if she was busy it would be sitting waiting for her on break. No one touched it, they all knew who it was for.IMG_20130327_121039_316 This is going to be her “Easter basket”. Yes she is not to old and we DO make her hunt for it.  It really is a team effort between my mom (grandma’s oldest daughter) and I, she gets the supplies and I get creative. This is just our way of saying thank you to a very awesome woman from her daughter and granddaughter.

Love can come in many forms…today is Good Friday, Christ died for us on this day…and on the third day He rose again. How are you showing love? To your Fiance’, Spouse, family, friends, or even perfect strangers?


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