Time to Bling It!


So what do I mean by “Time to Bling It”? Well I am talking about when we add as much sparkle, shimmer, glitz, what have you, to your wedding flowers. I know brooch bouquets are becoming very popular but let us explore some other options.

One simple way to add some glitz to your bouquet would be to add a diamond wrap to your bouquet. That’s nothing out the box is it? What about wrapping your bouquet with a name? You could “write” your groom’s name, your soon to be last, or a deceased family members name in rhinestone beads or charms. Another twist to that idea would be the wedding date. Both ideas would look amazing in wedding photos! Be sure not forget your bridesmaids though, have birthdays or names on theirs as well.


That is gorgeous for photos, but are YOU going to see it? We should think about making the flowers shine too. Do you want glitz but not end up blind? Try small adhesive rhinestones that can be attached directly to your flowers! Can we say FABULOUS?!? Still not enough? Replace some of your smaller flowers with flower brooches, you can have them in clear or different colors to match your wedding. Kara’s Kisses “Twinkle, Inspitationzz “Thrill” or “Explosion” rhinestone pick would look beautiful at the center of the flowers.SAMSUNG

Lets look at what everyone else in the wedding party will be wearing, corsages and boutonnieres. Bring back that image of a brooch bouquet, gorgeous is it not? Sigh…but that sometimes cost double what a fresh bouquet would cost. So lets get creative…why not have brooch boutonnieres or corsages! Designed correctly a brooch corsage, especially a wrist style, could easily be used again, or taken apart and use the pieces separately afterwards. For your groom ask your future Mother-in-law if she has any family jewelry and create something uniquely his.

IMG_20130326_163409_704The I dos’…There are so many different accessories you can get for the ceremony already decked out. Trying to think out of the box, one gorgeous picture that comes to mind is diamonds along the aisle, maybe mixed with candles! Or if you are having a flower girl mix them in with her petals. You can find them in clear, colors or with silver backing so they will really stand out!

SAMSUNGAt your reception you can easily fit any arrangement with bling, but lets focus on your cake. Three things you can crystallize your cake with are (besides glitter sugar crystals) cake crown toppers, Edible Diamond Studs, and Crystal Cake Banding. Thinking cupcakes? Try these sparkling cupcake wrappers, they look fabulous and come in many colors.

One thing you want to remember is to get your dream location for the ceremony and reception and then decorate accordingly. There is such a thing as turning gorgeous shimmer into gaudy. In what ways are you going to make your wedding shine?



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