To Hold or Not To Hold?

That is the question…
…when choosing a bouquet a lot of Brides choose a bouquet style and flowers based on aesthetics. One should consider the options of both hand tied and bouquet holder styles before setting there hearts on a specific style bouquet.
ohhh, the choices…Hand Tied or Holder?
A hand tied bouquet can look BEAUTIFUL if created with the right flowers. Flowers that have a somewhat longer vase life (carnations, some roses, mums, etc) versus flowers like hydrangeas which LOVE water, are more appropriate for a hand tied. Choosing a flower that likes a LOT of water and putting it in a hand tied bouquet can possibly lead to a wilted bouquet before the end of the night.
      If your heart is TRULY set on a hand tied AND water-loving flowers there are a few things you can do. First, DO NOT completely wrap your stems. If you MUST have them that way, ask your florist to wait until the last possible moment! Leave at least an inch or so of exposed stems for them to stay hydrated (the more the better for flowers like hydrangeas).
       Second, use a Bravo Hand Tied Holder and wrap the holder part. This will give the advantages of wet foam yet the look of hand tied.
      And third, use a Straight Handled Bouquet Holder and have leftover stems attached to handle of holder. With a Straight Handled Bouquet Holder you have the advantages of wet foam, yet a daintier hand tied appearance. Also less wrapped area of the stem of the bouquet versus the appearance of the Bravo Hand Tied Holder.
       A bouquet holder can be equally as GORGEOUS as a hand tied. You can have the stem of the holder left plain (decorative bouquet holders are an option), completely wrapped, or as mentioned above have leftover stems “wrapping” it.  A bouquet holder has a cage around the foam requiring delicate fingers to insert the fresh flowers. Sometimes this can make them harder to execute, but the BEAUTY of your bouquet is worth the extra work!
Besides the basic wet foam bouquet holders listed above you can ask for…
  • Decorative Holders
  • Super Wet Holders
  • Flat Round Holder
  • Flat Square Holders
  • {You can check out Bonnett’s Wholesale Florist website, it has the holders mentioned above, and more, for your perusal.}

A cascade bouquet is the most prominent example of a bouquet using a holder. Most of the time when you see a cascade bouquet it is created in a holder. It is possible to create them as a hand-tied, but this takes delicate hand work, skill and the right type of flowers.

Before making a final decision on your bouquet take into consideration your likes and how you want to HOLD them! Which will you choose???
{This was originally published last year, it was such a hit I decided to retouch on the subject.}

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