Trendy for 2013

Now that the “engaging season” (Thanksgiving thru Valentine’s Day) is over, you brides will start dreaming about and planning your wedding. Today we are going to give you some of the more prominent wedding trends for 2013 and even go into detail on how you can incorporate some into your wedding flowers.

  • The color Emerald SAMSUNG
  • Pastel wedding dresses
  • Vintage & Glamorous weddings – 20’s to 50’s, lace, decadent fabrics, rhinestones/sparkle & soft colors. (Note:shabby chic & burlap is fading fast.)
  • Reception & Micro-brew lounges
  • Cascade bouquets
  • Flower Garlands
  • Mixed Height Arrangements
  • FUN – Nothing shouts fun like food stations (late in the reception), photo booths, dance instructors, live artists, live stream/virtual guests and food trucks (for a relaxed outdoor reception)

Some things also trending for wedding flowers are tight bouquets, fragrant flowers and all green bouquets. Popular flower choices are lilies, roses, and stephanotis (expect Orange blossoms in the south). While gerbera daisies seem to be a favorite for adding color.

Now that we know some of what’s trending, how are you going to incorporate into your wedding? Lets start with the color Emerald, one option would be to have all your ribbons in the personal flowers be emerald. You can even add a pendant like the picture above and hit 2 trends (Emerald & Glam) in one design! Speaking of rhinestones, they will be one of the easiest trends to add to your wedding flowers. From simple SAMSUNGbouquet jewels to all out brooch bouquets, there is not one wedding flower design that would not look better with some sparkle. an easy way to get some sparkle is to use Ocean of Diamonds at Pioneer Wholesale, they can make any bouquet look as if it is wrapped in diamonds! Also check out the hanging Crystals while you are there, perfect for any boutonniere, corsage, or bouquet.

Cascade bouquets…! Cascades can be deceiving to a Bride, there shape can go beyond the traditional teardrop shape. Cascades can range from barely a point to dropping halfway to the floor (or all the way if you so desire) with flowers that look like they are floating on air. You can also think outside of the box, you can use decorative wire, fishing line, branches, etc to make your dream reach as long as you want. Check them out on the internet with a search engine, or places like Pinterest & The Knot, and type in “cascade bouquet”. It is so amazing that something so simple as a cascade can blow your mind away in loveliness.

Garlands – there is not one thing I can think of that you couldn’t use a garland to decorate it with. Chairs, tables, walls, doors, altars, aisles…the possibilities are endless! You can have them made simply with leaves or with flowers. You also have the option of making them airy or as dense as you like.Candle trio B

Mixed Height Arrangements offer a bride a variety…even if on a tight budget. One described this trend as a “pleasing elegance”. Personally I adore this trend! Two ways come to mind to do the “mixed height arrangement”; one, do 3 or more arrangements of varying heights PER table. Or two, have a few arrangements in different heights around the whole room. Having multiple sized arrangements on one table can be dramatic! For the bride that needs it to be more budget friendly stick to the latter, it will still add drama, just not as much cost. Either way the different heights will make your reception gorgeous

It seems that turning your wedding dreams into reality is only limited by your imagination….and maybe the budget. Comment what trend you will have in your 2013 wedding?


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