To D.I.Y. or Not?

Okay so your engaged, now what? You start looking at bridal magazines or the extremely popular Pinterest. You see all these lovely D.I.Y. wedding projects and think “oh yeah, I can do that”. But did you ever actually stop and think about what that entails?

We are going to look at some of the pros and cons of those D.I.Y. ideas.

What are we liking about D.I.Y. projects? The cost, time spent together with groom, bridesmaids friends our family, it  is fun to do, or making something unique for your wedding could be just a few. All those things can make a wedding more memorable. Yes you can be saving money that can be put to other things (can we say “honeymoon”). Plus it gives you and your friends and family more precious memories. And what Bride wouldn’t want her wedding to be fabulous AND be able to say she did the work (with help)!

Two of the major factors we should really be looking at are yes the cost, but also how creative or crafty are we and the time it is actually going to take to make it. First lets look at cost, what we should consider is, is it actually going to save us money (or is it going to cost us more). Sometimes a do it yourself project can end up costing more money than actually going out and finding something truly unique  or just plain gorgeous. Secondly, how crafty are we? If we are not normally a crafty person to begin with definitely reconsider. Unless it is something extremely simple or can be made monthes ahead of time it is not worth the frustration.

When it comes to your wedding flowers you should be extra careful. Remember that some or most of these arrangements are going to be carried or worn on one of the most important days of your lives and immortalized in your wedding album. If you are wanting all silk flowers for your wedding and have a knack for d.i.y. projects you might be able to handle a small wedding by doing them yourselves with friends. There are many websites and videos that give instructions on how to create wedding flowers. {We are always open to Bride’s with last minute flower emergencies.}

Fresh flowers are another thing. Unlike silks, as most of you know, they have an incredibly short life span out of water. All your flowers would have to be done the day before and some the day of. That is a lot for the bride and groom to do and that doesn’t include all the other little jobs to be done. Yes there are a flowers that do fairly well, such as carnations and mums, but these are generally not what a couple wants. My suggestion would be to, if you really want to do them yourself, is to do the majority of the wedding in silk and have a florist do the Brides and Grooms flowers. If you are set on fresh and still want the D.I.Y. feel, consider creating your own containers for the reception or to make it more personalized create the grooms boutonniere.  Also pendants and charms are becoming very popular on bouquets, so why not create a special charm or dangle for each of your bridesmaids. This would forever symbolize your friendship and importance of them being involved in the wedding.SAMSUNG

I want to note that I am speaking not only as a wedding florist but also as a bride and friend. I did my all own flowers and invitations (with exception RSVP cards) myself. On the wedding invitations I ended up having the RSVP cards printed because of sheer exhaustion between work (at this point I was an Office Manager) and wedding planning. The flowers I did with help. I had silk AND fresh because I knew it would be hard to get it all done the week before the wedding. I had my silk wedding arrangements done a couple of months before and was lucky enough to have family set them up at the reception. The fresh I was only a little lucky. It took 2 whole days (16+ hours?) to get all the fresh done. I did have some help the first day by my now husband and Maid of Honor. My husband and I were almost late to the rehearsal and I still had other jobs (not flower related) that had to get done afterward. Did I mention we also forgot to get our marriage license? The day of the wedding we forgot to hand out all the corsages. Even though I had carefully labeled all of them. What I want to project to you is that wedding flowers can be very time consuming or even hard for some people. Since , think carefully about doing them yourself.


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