How WE Do Things

I want to give you an idea of how we work with our brides. We are not like your traditional florist.

When you first contact us about your wedding, we get so excited! We love meeting a new bride and cannot wait to hear about her wedding dreams. We first schedule a time that is convenient for you, to meet you where you are comfortable. Generally that is either in your home or the home of the groom or a family member. We prefer to meet at the Bride’s/Couple’s home because that gives us a better taste of what there likes or dislikes are. Having family members there is also a plus, this can make the consultation a little more relaxed. If having lots of people there makes you uncomfortable, you do not have to have them there ( I would have no more than 4 or 5 people). We discuss your wants, needs, and budget. As well as where the wedding events will take place and who will be your photographer(s).

We then ask you, in between making and going to the appointment, to email us any photos, ideas, colors, headcounts, etc. of what you were thinking. This helps us be more prepared for you and a better consultation. Our consultations usually take about an hour and for some weddings it may take more than one visit. After the consultation is the time we take all the information and start getting creative while you relax and wait for an email. You may get a couple calls/emails/texts with a few minor questions, I try to send images of the flowers that could be used in your wedding for approval. About a week later(sometimes less, sometimes more) you will get an estimate (generally email, but the can be mailed).

Now it is in your hands – the couple should look this estimate over in detail. If there are any changes that need to be made it should be done sooner rather than later. You should then contact us with any questions you may have or changes that you want made. Any add on will be excepted up until the week of the wedding, after that they will be considered and accepted if it is possible. A small add-on like a an extra corsage or boutonniere can be added as close as the morning of the wedding (just call or message me). I generally bring extra flowers in case of emergencies to the wedding as well.

After you thoroughly love all that is your wedding flowers you will mail it back to me with a deposit to hold your wedding date (between $50-$100 depending on amount of work). {Note: the deposit goes towards your total wedding flower costs, receipt available at request.} Please also add any changes to the wedding day schedule. About 6 weeks before your wedding I will email/mail a bill with the balance for your wedding flowers. Please mail it back at least a month before the wedding with any schedule changes you have for the wedding day (such as when the photographer will be arriving). We want your wedding to be flawless!

On your wedding day while you are getting ready we will be loading up your wedding flowers for there destination. After reaching the location I will begin setup (delivery and setup is free). Whether it be just personal flowers or flowers for the whole event. I will stay until the wedding has started to make sure there are no problems. If you have reception flowers we will then start on that setup. Some wedding receptions require more work than others, but we are confident that setup will be completed before guests arrive. We have the added option of breakdown as well if needed. Day after wedding breakdown is included if asked for and breakdown immediately after reception is also available.

We want to make the wedding flower part of your wedding as smooth as possible and no hiccups! Here as some things we DO NOT DO

  • Mail you a packet where you fill it in, mail it or drop it off, and then wait 2 weeks for a reply…good or bad.
  • Schedule more than 2 weddings on a wedding date. We may have 2 if they are extremely small. First Bride booked for the day will take priority. This is related to the whole “hiccup” scenario, we want your wedding as flawless as possible. If there is any question  that a second wedding on YOUR day will cause “hiccups” we will not book it.
  • Say, “we can do this amount of flowers for this amount of ca$h, take it or leave it”. We DO work with you and your budget by giving examples of beautiful arrangements that CAN be done in your budget.
  • When we receive an email or phone call/voice mail and wait weeks or never to contact you back.

You may think these things absurd but I have heard these 4 things come from actual Brides. Also a lot of florists now have you pick up your flowers or charge for delivery and setup. A variety of “hiccups” could happen in that kind situation.


We want our Brides to be happy and happy Brides make us happy!


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