It’s All About the Floral…Designer

This journey started about 10 years ago in college (yes I just dated myself) where I fell in love…with floral design. It all started with a learning program that was somewhat mandatory for a Horticulture degree. We created new or “adjusted” previous Christmas designs to sell and support the Floral Club. This one week changed my career choice.

After college and getting my degree in Floral Design, I got a job as receptionist in a Chiropractic office. Totally different with what I wanted to be doing but I liked it. I was blessed to have family friends who I knew I wanted to do weddings. They new I had gotten my degree in floral design and wanted ME to do there wedding flowers. I did there weddings and a few others in fresh and silk. My day job got extremely busy and I decided to turn down a couple of weddings, which I look back on and say “Not a good choice.” That choice halted my dreams for nearly 6 years. I did, however, stay active with my skills by helping my sister-in-law with her weddings (when I had the opportunity), but never actively pursued MY dream. Then I got married and became pregnant with dear daughter who is now 5 and dear son who is 2.

I, finally, decided to jump off the cliff and started McCormick’s Florals by Tami in October of 2011. I am blessed to have a handy and supportive husband who built a room in our large barn and watches the kids while I work. I love being able to stay home with my kids AND enjoy my love for floral design (weddings, especially).

I cannot wait to create YOUR wedding flower dreams!



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