Fall Inspiration

Fall – ahh the relaxing cool and colors. Inspiration is all around us, whether it be for a small gathering or large event like a wedding, we all need some inspiration now and then. The colors, scents, and sounds can give one a plethora of ideas.
If planning a fall function, consider organic or native materials as I would consider this best time of year for them. For assistance, acorns, mixed nuts, osage orange also known as hedge apples, even bittersweet could be used to dress up your event. Most can be found at your local farmers market or grocer. Some you may even find in a neighbors yard (remember to ask before taking anything). A nice simple centerpiece would be a moss base in a terracotta round tray or like and fill with some hedge apples and acorns on it, or simply apples on the moss base. Another idea would be to take willow and make baskets and fill with apples and the mixed nuts. This would also serve as appetizer or snack for your guests. A simple idea for bittersweet would be to make candle rings with them, then lay them on table and place in center of a ball jar that could have a candle in it or fill with the mixed nuts or acorns.
Any”where” you look at it, fall gives you much to think about and is a colorful time to celebrate.


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